taking care of the ladies

I had my first mammogram today. The idea of it all (eg, the boob squishing) was pretty unpleasant, and I probably would have put it off longer if the universe didn’t guide me towards getting tested. And like most things, there was nothing to be afeared of. It wasn’t as uncomfortable as I imagined. And even though I had to press my cheek (face cheek, not boob cheek or butt cheek) against that plastic panel while the mammographer took the side boob photo, it really wasn’t bad at all. It feels good when you do something good for yourself.

I was the youngest woman there today. Getting a mammogram is a good idea for women <45 years old if you want to catch breast cancer early, and if you’re not afraid of false alarms. False alarms are common, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I got called back for further evaluation. Just trying to stay on top of these things. Next stop: Colonoscopyville.

Tonight we watched Aladdin. And I drank wine that I opened over 2 weeks ago. It was still good!

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