ride in paradise

Today I found out that the homie Andy Choi passed away. Cancer. I had no idea he was even sick, even though he popped into my mind these past few days. I remember I wrote a blog post on the previous version of rjk.com about how he clowned me for wearing knee pads when I was skating the ramp at the skatepark. He didn’t say a word to me that day, but when he saw me weeks later: “Hey Jenny! Where are your pads? Hahaha!”

And suddenly he is gone, though possibly reincarnated into a sea animal or something else that is funny and does whatever it wants.

I am sad and I was scared–the malignancy of cancer felt much too real. Eddie asked me several times today if I’m okay. I am okay, because I can’t not be okay if I’m really trying to reach the fifth dimension of consciousness.

And so we focus on positivity, healing, and love.

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