not afeared

Lots have been happening. I’ve been really trying to focus on embracing new experiences and trying not to be scared of new opportunities. Amay from the climbing gym totally hooked up the teaching gig for me. And even though I have no idea how to conduct a classroom or deliver an entire lesson, I will be attempting to do so some time in the near future. I even bought new pants for it. So that’s exciting.

In other huge news, I used Google to diagnose Charlotte with bilious vomiting syndrome, and now I’m treating her with famotidine (Pepcid). It seems to be working. She is healing.

Tomorrow we’ll be at the clinic all day. I was going to say that we’re hoping for good news from the doctor, but I have faith and no doubt that the quantum field is responding to my positive energy and creating what is right for us.

We’ll be missing Andy Choi’s funeral, and we’ll forever be missing Andy Choi. Rest in paradise, you are truly one of a kind homie.

It’s 1:19am. Which means it’s wine o’clock.

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