make it rain

Today was actually a productive day even though the only times I left the apartment building were when I walked Choochie. That’s how most of my days are actually, except today’s productivity level was above average.

I got a lot of work for work done and had a photo session for st_mdna (technically didn’t leave the apartment building for that either). Then I beat the #2 Street Fighter II guy on the leaderboard. Made Purple Carrot’s kimchi burritos (👎🏽). Watched Big Little Lies and Nicole Kidman’s knockout of an alien head. But the best thing was that we learned how to perform the lost mode of prayer. And it seems really good.

Yes, stop wasting time with cheap prayers that don’t work because the quantum field or God will never hear them. Pray like a pro.

Here’s how:

  1. Declare what you’re doing. I’m praying to heal my sore ankle.
  2. Feel what you’re praying for. Feel the joy of having a solid ankle. Feel what it’s like to be able to run and climb with a healthy ankle.
  3. Close the prayer like what you’re praying for already happened. Thank you for my awesome, strong ankle.

L’alam al-mein amen.

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