house arrest

Things are getting weirder and weirder with the COVID-19 pandemic pandemonium. LA is on pseudo-lockdown, with the restaurants and bars being closed to inhouse dining. Takeout only. But the truth is that life feels the same to me. The language school hasn’t closed yet so I’m still teaching when I’m needed there. And I am a homebody anyway, so nothing has changed too much for me. Just bummed I can’t stroll into Umami for my Impossible Burger and pint of Stoner Duck. (Thank Eddie for the Hello Kitty cabernet.)

I like the vibe though. It is quiet outside. Slower. More peaceful. Even though underneath the quilt of calmness there is fear, hoarding, and so much economic uneasiness. But at present, the stillness is good.

Today, at the end of one of my classes, my students applauded. One student said, “Teacher, thank you for your kindness” with his hands together like prayer form. This is why I like teaching.

I do miss bouldering.

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