bookmark_borderconcentrate and ask again

Do you believe in astrology? I have used it as a source of guidance since I was in junior high. It’s probably why I’m okay with being such a homebody (cancer in a shell) and why I only have two friends who are aquarius. But I stopped reading my daily horoscope about five years ago, when I felt like I was smooth sailing and didn’t need any of the intel from the stars.

I started reading them again recently though. Mostly because I wonder about my career path, especially after shelving the prospect of getting a PhD (I asked a legit Magic 8 Ball—one with real astrologic powers, not one from Walmart—whether I should go for the PhD, and it said no.) And now I am pursuing other things, and my daily horoscopes give me the confidence in knowing that I’m doing the right thing.

A lot of smart people who I look up to think horoscopes are for idiots. That’s fine. They probably have zero awareness of the multiple levels of consciousness. Also fine. But what I do know is that the closer I get to reaching the fifth level of consciousness, the more accurate my horoscopes are. For instance, they said I’d have a job interview. They also said I’d have a funeral to attend. I may or may not go.

Anyway, universal powers are real. You are more powerful than you think.

bookmark_borderpop vegans are so fetch

Eddie bought some frozen vegan junk foods from Whole Foods, like mini corndogs and chicken nuggets. They were delicious. I just wish I had the McD’s honey mustard and bbq dipping sauces. And did you know I’m a “pop vegan” now. That’s a term I coined for a follower of a mostly vegan/plant-based diet. Oh, it’ll catch on.

I’m off to bed. I worked a bunch tonight, mostly on TESOL stuff. The class is turning out to be hard work.

And yes, I still eat brie with diced apples and honey.

bookmark_borderride in paradise

Today I found out that the homie Andy Choi passed away. Cancer. I had no idea he was even sick, even though he popped into my mind these past few days. I remember I wrote a blog post on the previous version of about how he clowned me for wearing knee pads when I was skating the ramp at the skatepark. He didn’t say a word to me that day, but when he saw me weeks later: “Hey Jenny! Where are your pads? Hahaha!”

And suddenly he is gone, though possibly reincarnated into a sea animal or something else that is funny and does whatever it wants.

I am sad and I was scared–the malignancy of cancer felt much too real. Eddie asked me several times today if I’m okay. I am okay, because I can’t not be okay if I’m really trying to reach the fifth dimension of consciousness.

And so we focus on positivity, healing, and love.

bookmark_bordershort and sweet

Today was a wonderful day, as I learned another new thing. I learned how to make congee/juk. I won’t bore you with the recipe, but I used 1/2 c of short rice and 1/2 c of sweet rice. And 6 c of homemade mushroom stock. It is Charlotte approved.

I left the apartment building to go bouldering. I didn’t send anything. But I drove my car home very fast to make up for it.

This blog is working.

bookmark_bordermake it rain

Today was actually a productive day even though the only times I left the apartment building were when I walked Choochie. That’s how most of my days are actually, except today’s productivity level was above average.

I got a lot of work for work done and had a photo session for st_mdna (technically didn’t leave the apartment building for that either). Then I beat the #2 Street Fighter II guy on the leaderboard. Made Purple Carrot’s kimchi burritos (👎🏽). Watched Big Little Lies and Nicole Kidman’s knockout of an alien head. But the best thing was that we learned how to perform the lost mode of prayer. And it seems really good.

Yes, stop wasting time with cheap prayers that don’t work because the quantum field or God will never hear them. Pray like a pro.

Here’s how:

  1. Declare what you’re doing. I’m praying to heal my sore ankle.
  2. Feel what you’re praying for. Feel the joy of having a solid ankle. Feel what it’s like to be able to run and climb with a healthy ankle.
  3. Close the prayer like what you’re praying for already happened. Thank you for my awesome, strong ankle.

L’alam al-mein amen.

bookmark_bordera particle of mush

I guess I really missed blogging. And I guess all the years away from writing and reflecting on my seemingly uneventful yet disproportionately blissful life every night (like how I used to) has done me no good. I used to try to write cleverish funny stuff, and some nights I might’ve pulled it off, but right now I’m struggling just to find the words to say why I’ve decided to restart this blog. The simplest way to say it: This was the only “creative” writing I did, and once I stopped, my brain turned to mush.

And…I became a worse person. There’s something powerful about sitting at your keyboard every night and rifling through all the little memorable moments of your day, and picking out one or two gems to write about and share. It definitely made me appreciate all the little things and all the people I encountered. And once I stopped doing that, I turned into a particle instead of remaining the cool wave that I was.

I haven’t been vibing right. But now I will. Even if I’m just sharing stories about how many cherries I ate (27) or what it’s like to have a mammogram (soon).

I already feel better now that I’ve written. Thanks for reading.