a particle of mush

I guess I really missed blogging. And I guess all the years away from writing and reflecting on my seemingly uneventful yet disproportionately blissful life every night (like how I used to) has done me no good. I used to try to write cleverish funny stuff, and some nights I might’ve pulled it off, but right now I’m struggling just to find the words to say why I’ve decided to restart this blog. The simplest way to say it: This was the only “creative” writing I did, and once I stopped, my brain turned to mush.

And…I became a worse person. There’s something powerful about sitting at your keyboard every night and rifling through all the little memorable moments of your day, and picking out one or two gems to write about and share. It definitely made me appreciate all the little things and all the people I encountered. And once I stopped doing that, I turned into a particle instead of remaining the cool wave that I was.

I haven’t been vibing right. But now I will. Even if I’m just sharing stories about how many cherries I ate (27) or what it’s like to have a mammogram (soon).

I already feel better now that I’ve written. Thanks for reading.


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