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I think the days of lockdown might be getting to Eddie. He actually resorted to eating cereal for breakfast 😂. He’d been traumatized by cold breakfasts in his teen years, so seeing him enjoy a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats was definitely something.

Today was a mellow day. I like Sundays like this…I worked, read (Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell), watched Jeopardy! reruns on Netflix, watched Property Brothers, watched an episode of The Office (first time ever), and probably watched a bunch of other stuff.

We ventured out in the rain to buy wine, but the Japanese market was closed. We went to 7 Eleven, but it’s a lame one that doesn’t sell alcohol. We got the next best thing: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Doritos.

I’m going to watch more TV and try to doze off. I want to wake up in the vortex early.

Stay safe.

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Tonight was probably the first night we all met for family dinner and didn’t give out hugs. Social distancing, even though we sat at the same table and shared a delicious homemade meal, where chopsticks contaminated the banchan, and nobody wavered.

This morning I drove all the way to the language school to teach the morning classes, but the school was closed. The subs are always the last to know anything.

I am tired tonight. It is 12:23am. I wish the blog template would put a timestamp, but I can’t get it to do it. I was reading Stillness is the Key and remembered I needed to write and tell you about the lack of hugs. Now back to bed.

bookmark_borderwe know more than we think

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about afterlife. I’m pretty certain our energy goes someplace after our bodies die and can no longer carry it. I’ve also been wondering about my previous lives. I’ve been hearing a lot of stories about people being hypnotized and being able to mentally travel into the astral field to recall a past life. Under hypnosis, they may give a name and a birthday and say something like, “I’m Eva, and I’m in Auschwitz with my brother Victor” and all of the things they mention could be fact checked to confirm that Eva born on such date indeed existed, then died in the Holocaust. And so did her brother, Victor.

Yesterday, after walking out of the Korean market because the lines were ridiculously long, I wondered why so many people were acting like it was the end of the world. I was kind of annoyed at all the panic buying and hoarding, like they’ve never experienced a pandemic before or something. Then I realized that most of the shoppers really had never experienced a pandemic before, and I started to understand why they were so scared. I thought to myself, “This is a first for all these folks. No wonder.” At that moment, I felt like I had some form of knowledge or consciousness that kept me from being scared or even tripped out about the whole coronavirus thing. I’m not sure what it was, but I think it stems from a past life experience. Is it crazy to think about the possibility that I may have experienced, survived, or perished in the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic in a past life, and that this is nothing new to me? Or maybe it has nothing to do with a past life, but just my past: I may have read about pandemics on a standardized reading comprehension test in elementary school. And I carry some subconscious knowledge. Either way, I felt a sense of knowing and a strong sense of presence—my consciousness comforts me.

And for that I am grateful and I feel aligned.

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in these weird times. I am. Also staying weird.

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Things are getting weirder and weirder with the COVID-19 pandemic pandemonium. LA is on pseudo-lockdown, with the restaurants and bars being closed to inhouse dining. Takeout only. But the truth is that life feels the same to me. The language school hasn’t closed yet so I’m still teaching when I’m needed there. And I am a homebody anyway, so nothing has changed too much for me. Just bummed I can’t stroll into Umami for my Impossible Burger and pint of Stoner Duck. (Thank Eddie for the Hello Kitty cabernet.)

I like the vibe though. It is quiet outside. Slower. More peaceful. Even though underneath the quilt of calmness there is fear, hoarding, and so much economic uneasiness. But at present, the stillness is good.

Today, at the end of one of my classes, my students applauded. One student said, “Teacher, thank you for your kindness” with his hands together like prayer form. This is why I like teaching.

I do miss bouldering.

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Hello. I’ve decided to resurrect this blog once again. I don’t know why I’ve had such a hard time bringing it back to life, especially when it was such an important part of my life back in the day. I think part of it was because “everybody” took so much of what I wrote personally, or tried to analyze the posts too much. Nothing to analyze here.

Lots has been happening! We’re currently experiencing the coronavirus hysteria—LA is going on lockdown pretty soon I think. Mar and Mike postponed their wedding, as did Fern and Flor. It’s strange when the entire country experiences something together. The vibe is different, mostly because there is fear in the air. And of course, like when there was hatred and fear of Middle Easterners after 9/11, now ignorant peeps are fearing the yellow-skinned orientals and spread of the “Chinese virus.”

What’s been new with me…I’ve been substitute teaching ESL at the local language schools. I like it a lot even though some of the students just look at their phones the whole time. I’m supposed to enforce the no-phones policy, but since I’m just a sub, I rarely do. I don’t want to the be the babysitter who thinks she’s the mom. I’m the fun sub—you remember the feeling of walking into class and seeing a sub, and going “Yesss!” I want all the students to see me and fist pump a yes.

The other thing that’s been up with me is that I’ve been trying to follow the “millionaire morning routine.” It entails waking up early, meditating, journaling, and creating to-do lists. I started on March 2, and it has been a lifechanger for me. I thought I would struggle with the meditation, but I just listen and follow a guided meditation on Youtube, and it’s great. I have been journaling too, but morning journaling is different from nighttime journaling, like I do (did/will do) with this blog. This type of journaling is superior, since I get to reflect on what happened during the day. Morning journaling is more about basking in the refreshment of a new day. But I do feel much more excited, less rushed, more alive, more motivated since I’ve been waking up early, meditating, and journaling. Mind you early for me means any time before 8. I have an alarm set for 6:45, but since I stay up late, that one usually gets shutdown. Backup alarm for 7:15. Snooze a couple times.

And the last thing…that also started this month…is that I’m reading again. I’ve been trying to read a book a week. I get them from the library. Last week I read a novel by an NPR host, and it was not that great. This week I’m reading “Stillness is the Key” by Ryan Holiday. Dave gave Eddie a copy. Eddie listened to the audiobook, and I’m reading the book now. I was reading it in bed tonight and read the chapter about journaling and all its benefits. I climbed out of bed and fired up the laptop to write this post.

And now I am going back to bed. Should write more tomorrow night. This was so nice.