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I am still coughing and producing a lot of loogies.  I think tomorrow will be my final day of being sick, but we shall see.

The other night we went to Dave and Buster’s in Hollyweed to celebrate Ilani’s birthday. She turned 25. A baby. One thing I miss about being that young is being impressed by restaurant food. Now it just takes so much more for something to taste really special. I guess that’s why chefs are doing weird stuff now, like mackerel and lychee puree dusted with coffee powder, and we’re just forced to like it because we paid $120 for it. Or I had too much wine.

Last time I said the OA is better than Westworld, but now I retract that statement. The OA got weird/lame.

Not much else to report. We’ve been cooking healthy, high-fiber dinners at home and I haven’t had a Cheese Puff in over a week.

Hope your 2017 is going sm00thly!




happy 2017


Hello and Happy New Year!

So here we are again. Let’s take a second to recall all of last year’s resolutions that we failed to accomplish. … And now let us make new ones with no guilt and self-judgment. Like updating this personal blog more. Eating fewer Cheese Puffs. And getting that screenplay written before someone like that new editor lady who took over that one cool site I used to love reading but sucks now because she ruined it tries writing the movie that only I was meant to write.


The new year has started off right. I was sick on New Year’s Day with a simultaneous cold/flu/hangover and pretty much slept all day. Eddie and I got a new TV in the bedroom (even though he was against that concept for years) for Christmas, so much of the holidays was spent in bed watching Westworld. The person who loves the new TV the most is Charlotte because she can never get enough of lazy cuddle time.

We spent NYE with @chumpchampion and Tazcat. Had a lovely dinner at LA Chapter at the Ace Hotel, where I dared to say the salmon dish there is the best in LA…Then had more drinks and counted down on the rooftop. Afterwards, we went to play Street Fighter where I was so drunk and don’t remember much except taking a shot with Eddie and Carla and beating Mos Mike (maybe I’m making that part up now). Anyway, it was a splendid NYE!

And backtracking to Christmas: It was a great holiday. I got all the presents I wanted because I initiated a group text wishlist with my mom and brother. The funny thing is, I was the only one who participated in submitting wishlist items. haha.

I also enforced the No Gift Bags Allowed Under the Tree rule this year. All gifts should be wrapped nicely, in a box, and placed under the tree. Everyone complied!

Look how pretty the gifts look.

Back to today: Returning to work wasn’t that bad. I got myself back on the treadmill today so so far I’m on the right track this year.

Also, we stopped watching Westworld because The OA is better.

I’m off to hydrate and rest now. I know I keep saying this, but I’m gonna try to update this here blog more. Even though nobody has ever commented on this new interface except myself. (hint)

Happy New Year!

the tigers in eagle rock


I guess it has been a long time since I’ve hung out or even driven through the city of Eagle Rock. It is now a stone and sand desert, and it rains under the freeway.

I went there to meet my old friend Jessica Lee for lunch. She runs a vintage toy store now and I was excited to check out the shop. I was surprised when I walked in, it was huge. And there were toys spread all over long tables in a large room with high ceilings like Home Depot. It didn’t look like anybody was working or selling anything, they were just playing with the toys. Weird toys that were packaged in cans. They had bikes too, like the kind PeeWee rides but teal ones and I liked them.

One of Jessica’s employees was so happy to see me. I didn’t recognize her and I felt bad that she might be someone who I met before, probably a bunch of times when I was drunk. But it turns out she was the company party planner, and they were planning on throwing me a party. Me! For what, I didn’t know, but the girl said, “And I’m ordering a ton of ribeye.” She even handed me a LeeFace invitation card and it really did say my name on it, “realjennykim.”

I left the toy shop without having any lunch with Jessica. I guess it was just a visit after all. I stood outside and noticed a large sandy rock formation across the street with two tigers lying down high up on the rock. One white and one orange. It was like the zoo, but it was just Eagle Rock. There was an opening in the rock wall, and a large green creature had its face in it, so I could only see the back and the butt. It was a dragon, but I couldn’t be sure. The tail looked like it, it was spiny.

The two tigers stood up and stared at me, and started coming down the mountain. I decided to run toward my car (it was the black WRX) except I forgot which direction I parked, so I just ran up the street. The tigers started to chase me, but they gave up soon enough. I kept running though. Just when I started to feel safe, another tiger came out of nowhere and was sprinting towards me. I felt like I was running toward my death. As the orange beast got closer, I braced myself to be mauled to death. I closed my eyes, covered my face, and tightened up all my muscles. But the tiger just ran past me. I barely felt it brush by.

I found my car. It was parked near the freeway underpass, where there was a dark but not so scary lake. I saw people swimming, and I remembered I wanted to swim too, but it looked kind of cold and it was raining under there, which I did not like.

I don’t remember driving away because I woke up.


hong kong style



I am in Hong Kong. But not for much longer. Woke up early (it’s 6:30AM here) and packed my suitcase. I brought too much clothes, but only because I didn’t need to do too much schm00zing with “important” people. Once I discovered I could stream a few of my meetings online, I stayed in my pajamas.

Hong Kong is a lovely place. It has the most impressive skyline. Probably the best in the world. I wish I had more time to explore, but the work days were too long. I’m here reporting on cutting-edge breakthroughs in organ transplantation medicine. Nerds are genetically engineering pigs using a mobile nuclease gene editing tool, and putting those pig kidneys into monkeys. Learning a lot, but not having much time to play outside in this amazing warm and humid weather.

Here is a recap of my trip:


It all started with all this legroom on my red eye flight.


Took this right when I got to Wanchai. It took me 30 min to get to Starbucks because the footbridges were tricky.


The view from the hotel room. It rained almost everyday here.


When I got lost in town somewhere. Who knows where.


Inside the Hong Kong Convention Center. The registration booth where they couldn’t find my name badge.


Outside the Hong Kong Convention Center. Anti-Falun Gong protestors. Organ donation is a big political issue here.


At Dumpling Pro.


This is just one part of an extensive skyline.

IMG_1861 IMG_1951

This band and place was super fun. Also cool name: The Wanch.


Devoured this terrific burger after a grueling day of meetings and writing articles about T cells. At Burger Joys.


Had the best meal at El Mercado. Amazing Peruvian x Japanese food with excellent service, view, and decor. I ate beef heart here.


When you go to a nice place solo, they give you free stuff, like this wine.


My last night in HK. Dinner with Tanner and adorable Nancy. At Manhattan Bar and Grill, where they made my dirty martini with black olives so the drink was brown (and served in a margarita glass).

I will probably head over to the airport in an hour or so. I feel bad because I thought shopping was going to be insane here (I suppose it is if you’re shopping for Chanel and stuff) but I wasn’t able to buy any gifts for any of my loved ones. Maybe I’ll find something at 7-11? No Crystal Pepsi…

Talk to you later!


a day in las vegas


Hello. I just got back from a 1-day (less than 24 hr actually) trip to Las Vegas. I was thinking about heading up to SF for the day to have lunch with Miki, but the tickets were so pricey! We decided to meet in Vegas instead (tix were cheap!). We both hopped on United flights at around the same time and arrived into Vegas at the same time. And our flights left Vegas at the same time. It all worked out perfectly. It was the perfect day.

We chilled out at the Cosmopolitan pools. Drank beer, daiquiris, vodka sodas, and ate chips and guac. The weather was sunny, and not too hot. I wouldn’t have minded a few degrees more of heat, but I was actually glad it wasn’t blazing.


Afterwards we did some quick fashion blog shooting:


Gotta take a pic with this giant fake Louboutin!



My favorite part was dinner. I had initially suggested going to Nobu (I’ve never been) but savvy Miki yelped this place called Yonaka Modern Japanese off the Strip. Supposedly better and less expensive than Nobu. And it was so, so good!


My favorite thing was the “uni to ikura” dish (see pic here), but we also had crazy rich wagyu beef tartare, crispy foie gras on eel rolls, oysters, and crispy beef tripe that tasted like pho.


Fried foie gras on top of some awesome eel rolls and a delicious sweet caramel/cheese sauce.

After dinner we went to the Fremont Street Experience and played slots and drank bad vodka drinks. Then we got back to the Cosmo and packed and took a quick nap until 3AM. We headed to the airport and caught our 5:45 flights. I was still drunk.

It was so awesome hanging out with Miki even though it was for less than 24 hr. I’m glad we were both willing to be spontaneous! Sometimes it’s quite okay to step away and enjoy life.

The robes at the Cosmo were so sweet! We both wanted to pack them in our bags and bring them home. But that’s stealing…


I’m still sleepy but I’m off to play Street Fighter now!

nofx, choechella, and chicken livers


Hi. I can’t believe it has already been nearly a month since my last post. April went by way too quickly.

Things have been good around here. There isn’t too much report. I’ve been getting kind of fat lately, just eating a lot of candy (Skittles, Hi Chew, gummy bears) and not really exercising too much. But I think I want to get back into the gym soon.

I met NOFX. They were exactly as I expected. Fat Mike was kind of smug and not that fat and the other guys were awesome especially Eric Melvin and El Hefe.

el hefe nofx book signing

El Hefe signing my copy of Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories.


I haven’t even started the book, but it made it on to the New York Times’ Best Sellers list, which is kind of amazing.


Last weekend we went to Dave’s pool party that I so cleverly hashtagged as Choechella (it didn’t catch on, the only people using it was me and drunk chicks who spelled Coachella wrong…).

It was a great party though. Sitting and lounging on the lawn, swimming, tacos, dogs, and cake!


This was one of the most delicious cakes I’ve had in a long time! Eddie called it pure sugar, but it didn’t taste that sweet to me…


#choechella #choechella2016 #choechellamainblanket #happybirthdaydave #proudpup


My favorite part of the party was the main event, which was an outdoor screening of “Coming to America.” We laid out on blankets, covered up, and cuddled up. And ate fresh popcorn thanks to Rhode and Sylvia. It was my first time watching that movie, and well, I just loved it. It was terrific.


The audio was loud and clear, with no complaints from the neighbors.

I hope Dave had as much fun as everyone else did. It was really a great party. He’s the man!


Do you like chicken liver? I had been craving chicken liver toast and red wine for a while. But instead of trying to find a restaurant who does it right, I decided to try to make it myself.

chicken livers and whipping cream

They look pretty cool. Cool meaning gross. They smell like nosebleed.

Chicken liver mousse is a lot easier to make than I thought. It came out really good, but I’m not sure I’ll make it again because I was the only one who ate it and the batch was too big for one person.


I wanted to link you to the recipe that I used but I can’t find it. But you’ll need cognac and nutmeg.

I guess that’s it for now. I’m changing my hair color on Thursday, so that’s exciting. I’ll probably post a pic on @street_madonna IG, and it probably won’t look that different from my current hair color.

I hope you’ve been doing awesome and that 2016 is developing into everything you ever dreamed of and more!

rjk in nyc


Hi! I’m back from following Mangchi to NYC. I had a sore throat on the flight back and then I was very sick in bed for the past two days. Now instead of missing two days of work I might miss five! But I had a great time!

This was my first time to NYC! I’ve been wanting to go for years, and wasn’t sure what to expect. The city has a gloomy vibe, not sure whether it was because of the weather (cold!) or because of all the shade created by all the buildings, but you could tell it is a tough town.

Eddie met me at the airport on Friday morning and then we went to Shake Shack by the hotel in Brooklyn. Shake Shack vs In n Out? I vote INO and Eddie votes for SS.

Then we went to the skatepark where Eddie, Weebs, and Dylan skated for a while. I did not skate at all because my legs felt frozen and I was feeling hungover and tired after the flight. Also, I am a poser. The park looked fun and kind of like it was built on prison grounds, but definitely a cool spot. Weebs loved it. Kids in LA skate better though.

coleman skatepark

Coleman Skatepark by Chinatown.

That night we had a delicious meal at a Chinese place, followed by dessert (NY cheesecake) at Junior’s!

Juniors restaurant brooklyn

NY cheesecake, red velvet cheesecake, chocolate fudge cake (my lactose-intolerant pick), lemon meringue pie, strawberry malt.

On Saturday, Eddie and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, which was about a mile long and crowded with tourists. I was glad I did it, especially since now I never have to do it again.


And then we met up with Lenny and Arlo at the Meatball Shop. I was sooo not excited about eating meatballs, but my veggie meatball slider was so good! And I tried the other flavors and they were excellent too.

After that we did some shopping in SoHo and some fashion blog photography.


One thing I wanted to do was to make sure I got a slice of pizza, so we did that too.


This slice is from Joe’s. I had to remove a lot of the cheese, but it definitely hit the spot!

Also met up with Ricks at the Barcade! Turns out he knows Justin. What a small world!

That night we had more pizza. JJ and Lu threw a fabulous pizza party in the hotel! Four kinds of pizza from Artichoke, including the famous artichoke one. My favorite was the Sicilian. Dylan liked the crab one. Ashley loves the artichoke one.

On Sunday we went and got knishes from the famous Jewish knish place. They were okay. Kind of boring. Like, needed meat or ketchup or something, but I totally understand why they are a thing.


Inside Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery.

Afterwards, we met up with Dave and Paul and a couple others. Walked around and checked out an underground solar lighting exhibit and a cool market. We were going to go to Katz’s Deli, but it was too crowded. I don’t like delis, so I didn’t mind at all. We ended up at a Mexi-Chinese place where the soup was too spicy for Ashley and they had vegan miso-flavored soft serve. Then we took a walk to to the East River park, where I was envious of all the runners. I can’t wait for downtown LA to have a nice running route.


The brothers at the East River. I think that is the Williamsburg Bridge.

And then it was Mangchi show time! We headed to Trans-Pecos, which was tiny. Kid Koala killed it and Mangchi played hard. None of my pics from the show came out good, but you can find a bunch of good ones that others took on IG. #mangchi


Eddie and the band left in the bus after the show. Off to Boston. I was leaving the next day.

My last day in NYC. I met up with Ricks, Yuki, and Danny at the Chinatown pho spot. I had to check out of the hotel, so luckily I was able to stash my bags in Danny’s Chinatown apartment. It was a long and narrow apartment where the rent is way too high, but I guess that is the norm there. I also met Danny’s dog, Mutt Lee who is three years older than Charlotte.

The pho was legit (I got tendon) and it was great catching up with my old skate buddies. I said goodbye to my Skate All Cities crew and then met up with Lenny at Arlo’s pad in Manhattan. Arlo’s apartment is so nice and I don’t even want to imagine the cost of rent there.

Lenny and I walked around. Got coffee and went to Eataly. Then we met up with Justin and Arlo and went to Superiority Burger.


Arlo hooked it up at Superiority Burger. This little spot is known for the best veggie/vegan burger in America. I loved the burger and the slaw that had dried dates in it. We got soft-serve too. A great way to end my trip!


I’m going back to bed now!

in real lifestyle and squids


Hey, you guys. Eddie is on the Mangchi East Coast tour so Charlotte and I have been holding down the fort. It has been pretty quiet and uneventful over here. We are mostly enjoying NOT having the a/c on. And we’ve also been eating worse than a frat boy. I have not gone grocery shopping in days and days, and have pretty much been living on ghetto nachos (+jalapeños) and iced coffee. The mixed greens in the fridge have gone bad and wilted, so my source of veggies has been the green juice that my mom gets me from Costco, which I drink from a stemless wine glass. This is how fashion bloggers really live and eat. Haha!


Ghetto nachos (+jalapeños) are just chips and not enough cheese thrown into the microwave for not enough time.

suja mighty greens organic juice

Healthy and sophisticated living!

Before Eddie left, I caught the Mangchi show at Los Globos. It was a great show! Highlights included meeting my IG friend, Amanda in real life. She skates and her husband has to go to gun school for work, so you know she must be cool. Other highlights included seeing Mark’s son’s group…Shinobi Ghost…who were just…very cute and like, not gangster at all. I liked them!


@Quangou making some Mangchi art before the show.


The brilliant and beautiful @asahole with a giant backpack full of “school books.”

I watched the giant squid documentary on Animal Planet today. The research scientists were soooo into squid, specifically giant squid. But no matter how big of nerds they are, and how weird being obsessed with squid is, they are still cooler than many people just because they are pursuing their passion. Let’s pursue our passions.


Check out this squidlet.

I have been having lower back pain lately. Probably from not running enough and too many nachos. I’m going to do some pilates now.

I will talk to you soon!

some march madness


Hi. Sorry I’ve been away from this blog. Promise to post more frequently. Been devoting a lot more time to fashion blogging at Street Madonna, but this blog is more fun. Because jalapeños (coming right up!).

Tonight was cool because I had a brainstorming session with Money Mark. I think it was Eddie’s plan to get him to ignite the spark for my creative writing endeavor. I guess it kind of worked–Mark is incredibly inventive and inspirational–and ideas (and wine) were a’flowin’.

We got some neat and tasty bottles of wine from Dave. Here’s one:

dave choe wine
Hmm, what else. Oh, started skateboarding more. I got a new board, and it’s a mini. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to skate minis before. Actually, it did occur to me I just dismissed it as a silly idea. Silly me, the smaller size deck is much easier to flip, pop, and land on. Also easier to hold and pose with 🙁 :

Belvedere skatepark

Skating on Mars.

In other news, I found a copycat recipe for Frito Lay bean dip. Turns out the secret ingredient is jalapeños from a jar and the juice from it. I bought this big jar just to make the bean dip:

mt olive jalapeno slices jar

Mt. Olive. Jessica Simpson would be like, “Wait, are these jalapeños or are they olives?” Chicken of the sea!

Here is the recipe, in case you are interested (as you should be). It was a good recipe, but I would have to do a side-by-side comparison with the real Frito Lay dip before I could say whether or not it’s a good copycat recipe.

Also went to Guisados for tacos the other day. Not a fan of their shrimp taco at all. But I met @taelien’s dog there…who is quite possibly the second cutest dog in the world! Ask him what he thinks of the shrimp taco! He knows!

long hair dachshund corgi mix

I guess that’s the last of the amazing photos I have to share.

I’m off to watch TV until I doze off now. Tomorrow is going to be a great day, and you have the power to choose to be happy!

resistance and dropout


Hello and happy February. Already a month in, and what do we have to show for ourselves?

NYRAD Report: I need to pick up the pace on my writing. In case you forgot, NYRAD stands for New Year’s Resolution Accountability Department. I have been motivated to write, create, and commit time. The only problem is I have so much resistance and the writing is awful. If I die suddenly, please don’t go on my computer and read the draft.

In other news, I went to the dentist today, and the dentist said everything was fine.

In other other news, I was hungover because I was dehydrated and drank wine and beer last night.

Here is me with a bottle of albarino with dinner at my mom’s house last night. My friend, Jon Keyes, who I knew in college is now a winemaker (@dropoutwines) in Napa and he sent me two bottles. It was great!

dropout wines

This is the year to make all your dreams come true. Don’t sleep.